Fees with effect from September 01, 2016.

Charged on a daily basis for the days the SPOT IS BOOKED, fees are paid at the beginning of each month.

Full Day: Infant $52.50 per day
Toddler $42.00 per day
Preschool $38.00 per day
Full day School age SACC $32.50 per day
Full day School age with meal SACC $35.50 per day
After School SACC $15.00 per session
Before School SACC $11.00 per session
Bef. & Aft School SACC

$19.50 per day

FDK Extended Day Program SACC $19.50 per day

Additional part time fee: Infant $10.00 per day

Toddler & Preschool

$5.00 per day


Before / After School $2.00 per session
Late Fee
$1.00 per minute
Extended Day fee: Infant $10.00 per day/Month
Toddler & Preschool $5.00 per day/Month


Please contact the supervisor of each site for the current fee structure.

Extended Days

Some parents  require  keeping  their children in the Preschool for over 9 hours in a day primarily  due to  work requirements and traveling time. A charge of $5 per day per child, $10 for Infants will apply. This fee will be added to the fee for each group category.

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