Emergent Curriculum



At Maple Tree Preschool we follow the Emergent Curriculum which presents children with the gift of discovering the world around them by encouraging them to explore life through their interests and passions, as well as that of the teachers. The six areas of learning will include: Personal and Social Development, Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Health and Physical Activity and the Arts. The teacher is responsible to set expectations in each area of development for individual children.


The curriculum is the teachers responsibility, not the children’s and requires planning, observation, documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience. The teacher’s objective is to nurture positive social skills, encourage creative thinking and problem solving, support the developmental growth of each child and build a solid foundation to make them into life-long-learners.


At MTP we emerge this idea with our current philosophy of learning in a caring environment with a focus on developing each individual child to their true potential.

Each month a topic is chosen where teachers brainstorm ways to study the topic in depth. A monthly program is posted instead of a weekly one. One sheet lists the six learning areas and the other is a “Month Big Idea” chart. Parents also receive a monthly calendar.


Webbing is used as a planning tool as a web shows many things that could be learned. Teachers do not follow a rigid plan but instead use a “road map” whereby hands-on-activities give children a road map full of possible journeys.


The classroom has learning centers such as reading, science, play dough, puzzles, art, craft, music, computers, block play, construction, drama, puppet, dress up, kitchen, flannel board, sand/water play, sequencing, stamp etc. These stations are set up with a variety of materials for the children to choose from. A book box can have books, puppets, stuffed animals and other material related to the contents in the book and a music box can have different instruments, a variety of music CD’s (classical, jazz, blues, rock)


 For organizational purposes the areas in the room are designed to cultivate a child’s interests and encourage growth in their developmental skills. These areas will be changed as the interest changes.


An important part of the program to spark ideas includes taking walks in the neighborhood, discussing and observing the environment, visiting places of interest and reading books. In this way the children are able to explore, inquire and problem solve a variety of topics and not be limited to a set theme.


Language charts, chart stories, displays, graphs, song and music charts, labels with pictures are a big part of the curriculum as the children’s work is visible on each. Symbols as well as words posted in the room help the children to read and become independent by choosing and replacing things. Monthly reports reflect the achievements of the child and are an indicator to set goals for each individual child.


 Our curriculum for the year is well defined and stimulating. It is developed to provide a holistic experience for each child. Each week we follow a different theme and all our daily activities revolve around this topic. A typical day includes language (conversation period), worksheets (hand control, alphabet, numbers, thinking skills), computers, group activities, music and fine motor skills, gross motor skills (outdoor play), art and crafts and rest time.

Infants will be provided with a good, healthy diet, good physical care and also affection and attention from caring adults who will respond to their tears, smiles, gestures and desires to explore the environment around them. Our aim is to focus and develop their abilities in a safe surrounding.


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